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Richard Turrin

Richard Turrin
Fintech and AI Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker
Rich Turrin is the international best-selling author of “Innovation Lab Excellence: Digital Transformation from Within” and an award-winning executive with more than 20 years of experience in fintech innovation. His next book is “China’s Digital Currency Revolution” due in the summer of 2020. He lives in Shanghai and is an independent fintech and AI consultant, helping clients navigate the China market. He previously headed fintech for IBM Cognitive Studios Singapore (IBM’s Innovation Lab) and worked for IBM China where he led his team to win the prestigious “Risk Technology Product of the Year” award for his unique hybrid-cloud solution to risk analytics. Learn more: RichTurrin.com.

Rich Turrin是“卓越创新实验室:内部数字化转型”的国际畅销书作者,也是一位在金融科技创新方面拥有20多年经验的屡获殊荣的高管。2020年夏天将会出版“中国数字货币革新”一书。他目前居住于上海,是一名独立的金融科技和人工智能顾问,帮助客户驾驭未知领域内最新的认知相关技术。 他曾担任IBM Cognitive Studios Singapore(IBM的创新实验室)的fintech,并在IBM中国工作,带领他的团队凭借其独特的风险分析混合云解决方案赢得了着名的“年度风险技术产品”奖。 了解更多:RichTurrin.com。

Richard “Rich” Turrin  
Author, Fintech, Innovation and AI Consultant


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