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Manuel Morales

Director FinML Network, University of Montreal
OCF Group, Co-founder
MANUEL MORALES is an experienced scientist and leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence in banking  who often gets called  upon for his knowledge and experience in creating business value through AI. He has experience in accompanying businesses through their digital transformation. Based on  his scientific expertise, he  seizes the  threads of opportunity that  wind  through an organization and  helps transform them  into value  propositions, He remains a member of the scientific community which  gives him a valuable perspective and  credibility as he links up and aligns technical data  science teams with product owners/managers  into a coherent AI transformation strategy.

During his tenure as Chief AI Scientist at National Bank of Canada,, the sixth largest commercial bank in Canada, Manuel oversaw the scientific component of the AI transformation initiative of twenty billion dollar plus banking institution. He successfully contributed to the strategy and operationalization of an ambitious initiative that seeks to transform the bank’s processes and services through artificial intelligence. In particular, his involvement in the worldwide discussion on AI Ethics and his commitment with responsible AI deployments gives him a unique perspective that has become an asset for the ongoing AI transformation initiative since a comprehensive AI governance and ethics remain key to successful deployments. His work with National Bank was featured in an interview piece in Forbes on-line magazine in May 2020.

Manuel continues to conduct his research and teaching activities at the University of Montreal where he is the director of the FinML network, whose mandate is to train the next AI-enabled generation of finance and banking professionals. He has also established himself as a well- known presence in the Montreal FinTech ecosystem where he is a scientific advisor of the Holt Accelerator, one of the leading accelerators in Montreal targeting seed start-up’s, as well as one co-founder of the OCF Group, a venture building group that leverages Montreal AI talent in order to help start-up’s to go from series A to series B through machine learning technology. He is regularly called upon deliver talks and share his experience on AI transformation in banking and on AI Ethics and Governance in Finance as well as to organize tailored executive workshops for financial institutions engaged in their own AI transformation initiative.

He holds a Ph.D. on Statistics from Concordia University. He held a position as an Assistant Professor at York University in Toronto from where he moved to Montreal where he is a professor in mathematics at the University of Montreal since 2005. He serves on the Board of Directors of Koïos Intelligence and as scientific advisor of Kapitalwise, two emerging companies in the field of AI in finance and insurance.