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Jodi Johnson

JJ Human Capital Consulting
Jodi is a senior human resources consultant with 20 years of global corporate experience working closely with C-Suite executives. She focuses on bringing her expertise to young companies and start-ups with an emphasis on Talent Management and Total Rewards. She has proven success in helping start-ups through early growing pains and guiding them as they grow to a global scale.

Jodi’s impressive experience is founded in time spent with corporate leaders such as Deloitte, Blackbery, Cisco and Telus. The range of her experience includes managing a $2 million budget and leading a team of 35 to acting as a sole entity on a shoestring budget.

She sees the whole picture and can address key areas such as talent acquisition, on-boarding, total rewards, program implementation, vendor selection, process assessment and integration with IT systems. Jodi identifies what is possible and attains it. She understands that these elements are always tied to the objectives of the business and are integral to moving it forward. Jodi has secured benefits for organizations around the world including; Canada, the US, the UK, France and the Asia-Pacific Rim. Jodi understands the talent requirements of young companies because she immerses herself what that company is facing.
She has the ability to see down the road without losing focus on the immediate challenges facing young companies. She knows what is around each corner because she has been there before.
Jodi’s high energy, positive outlook is aptly suited to the culture of start-up companies. She inspires the team through actions not words and is ready to roll up her sleeves and do whatever is necessary for the company to succeed. Jodi’s success is derived from her innate ability to foster productive relationships. Jodi aspires to continue to do interesting work with smart people.

EMAIL: JJ.jodi@gmail.com
LINKED IN JODI JOHNSON : http://ca.linkedin.com/in/jodi-johnson-75b5254
Contact: 647-290-1808