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Anna Niemira

BGX Capital Corp
Managing Director

Blockchain and Crypto-Economy Analyst & Advisor convinced that blockchain represents a movement to a new economy, being more than an innovative technology.

Corporate Consultation Professional experienced in the retail brokerage industry, corporate finance, and international listings. Being a strategic communicator, negotiator, and a business development ambassador focused on innovations in the financial, technology and regulatory environment, Anna serves as Director of Business Development at CryptoChicks, International Hub for Women Talent in Blockchain.
Successfully concluded admissions of entrepreneurial companies to European quotation boards and Exchanges; completed extensive research and analysis of the global exchanges' rules and regulations; actively promoted business growth by bridging various initiatives, creating strategic and valuable partnerships and launching organizational development initiatives to streamline operations and communications.

Reported business news from financial conferences. Conducted interviews focusing on entrepreneurial developments in FinTech, RegTech, blockchain, crypto-economy, and compliance issues in cross-border banking and securities transactions, including KYC and AML rules and regulations. Served as judge and mentor at various financial, FinTech and Blockchain entrepreneurial competitions.